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Empowering Women


I spent over 10 years making tweaks and adjustments to keep from getting smashed and overpowered on the mat. Now I want to empower other women by teaching the the concepts that made me a world champion.

– Sophia McDermott
World Champion

No Gi World Champ

Pan Am Champ

Join the Community

Connect with like-minded ladies.

We’re a community of amazing women focused on empowering each other through Jiu Jitsu and self defense.

In Depth Courses

Unique Courses

that Problem Solve and address situations and issues that are specific to women.

– Self-defense for REAL situation. FREE

– BJJ Launchpad, What to expect from BJJ. FREE

– Rolling With Men Essentials.    

– Spider Guard Fundamentals for Mastery Series

– Powerful position to stay on top… and much more!!”

What Is Lethal Ladies?

Women's specific instruction, guidance, and friendship in a comfortable & private environment.

Connect with like-minded ladies.

Build real relationships with women just like you.

Expand your learning resources.

Access training videos and content exclusive to the group.

Share your stories, experience, and knowledge.

Achieve your own goals faster and help others reach theirs.

You're in the right place.

Learn, train, share, and build valuable relationships with women just like you.

Access community exclusive discussions and training content.

Connect with other empowered women and utilize community resources to improve on and off the mat.

Join live classes with other community members and engage with your instructor.

Participate in live instructional classes in a group learning environment and chat with your instructor to get dedicated feedback.

YOU Powered Learning

Daily content, lessons, or courses to keep you at the top of your learning.

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Empowered PRO

Daily content, lessons, or courses to keep you at the top of your game.
Women’s Specific content including LIVE classes, in-depth Drilling Videos, Courses and a Full Database.


I have seen that the ladies who join me for live classes and utilize this specific content, learn so much faster. Their technique is outstanding and they are improving at a dramatically faster pace.” 

New courses and lessons published weekly.

Check out available and upcoming courses to see the amazing things we've been creating for you.

Women's Concepts

Not taught in mainstream gyms.

Learn concepts that are unique to women and aren’t taught in mainstream gyms.

Situational Learning

Achieve your goals faster.

Lessons and classes to help you overcome the hurdles we face so that you can grow faster.

Techniques that Work

Apply what you learn confidently.

Train with confidence in knowing that techniques and skills you develop actually work.

Membership Options

Select a plan that's right for you.

Sneaky Squirrel

For women ready to connect and learn.



  • Community Access
  • Women's Self Defense Course
  • Before You Start BJJ Course
  • Weekly Empowerment
  • 15% Off Shopping
  • Theme of the Week
  • PRO Workouts
  • PRO Drilling Sessions
  • Live Classes & Seminars
  • Live Class Replays
  • Lethal Lounge
  • The Option to be Graded Up by Proff. Sophia
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Empowered Pro

For women ready to achieve.

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per month

  • Community Access
  • BJJ Courses - ALL
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  • Weekly Empowerment
  • 15% Off Shopping
  • Theme of the Week
  • PRO Workouts
  • PRO Drilling Sessions
  • Lethal Lounge
  • The Option to be Graded Up by Proff. Sophia
  • Live Classes & Seminars
  • Live Class Replays
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Inspired by Women

Powered by the amazing women within our community.

Emily Lewis
Thankful and honored!
I'm so darn thankful for you and the group you have created. It's obvious how you genuinely care for every person who joins your classes and the journey of women in this sport. You do a fabulous job and I'm honored to be able to participate and thankful to be considered a Lethal Lady!!!

Emily Lewis

BJJ Purple Belt - Geelong, Australia

Laurie Consiglieri
Inspired and mind blown!
I am addicted to the Lethal Ladies community! It blows my mind how many talented women are on the platform. Seeing how many other women are out there that are so invested and dedicated to empowering themselves is so inspiring! I love have access to all of this great content.

Laurie Consiglieri

BJJ Blue Belt - St. George, Utah

Stephanie Evers
Amazing program!
I was initially sick of being smashed and wanted to learn techniques that would work better for my body. Professor Sophia breaks down techniques into details that made things click for me. Her concepts are amazing and I would not be where I am today if I had not found Lethal Ladies.

Stephanie Evers

BJJ Blue Belt - Harker Heights, Texas

Join the community and start learning for free today!

Connect with other empowered women and become your best you.

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