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Rolling with Men Essentials

Minimize the advantages of size and strength.

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Course Description

Learn to roll with men and other training partners so that you're actually learning and advancing, not just being squashed and outmuscled on the mat. In this course we focus on mindset, fundamental framing, techniques, and the tweaks that you can make to minimize the advantages of size and strength.

  • Intro & Mindset
    1. About the course.
    2. Do you start with a plan?
    3. Tap out, learn, start again.
  • Set Ups & Positions - Calling the Shots
    1. Playing offense, not defense.
    2. Putting him on his butt.
    3. Breaking his strong grips.
    4. Establishing your grips and set ups.
  • Critical Techniques
    1. Sit up and circle to stay square.
    2. Guard Retention - Fundamental guard recovery.
    3. Guard Retention - Crossover guard recovery.
    4. Guard Retention - Crossover to spider guard.
    5. Mount Escape - Butterfly hooks to closed guard.
    6. Mount Escape - Butterfly hooks to single X guard.
    7. Staying on Top - Transition to knee on belly.
    8. Staying on Top - Transition to north south.
  • Mastery & Drills
    1. Technical stand up drill.
    2. A frame, butt scoots, and stand up drill.
    3. Basic and crossover drill.
    4. Egg shell shape drill.
    5. Mount escape drill.
    6. Top control transitioning drill.
  • Bonus Techniques - Advanced Guards
    1. Sit up guard, shin on shin.
    2. Single X guard to X guard.
    3. Lasso spider guard.
    4. Half guard with lapel.
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